Despite the stereotypical assumption mister Parmentier hadn’t invented the potatoes, it wasn’t even him who brought the potatoes to our country from Latin America.

Potatoes was brought to Europe by explorers of the New World during the sixteenth century.


But it was him who, with his ingenuity and stubbornness, discovered all its merits. At the time the whole german army ate potatoes and he was forced to do so as well, since he was a prisoner.


Mister Parmentier, a pharmaceutical assistent in the Invalid hotel in Paris, tried making bread from grated potato pulp and wheat flour after his return.

The experiment fell through.


Parmentier tried explaining everything to Louis XIV, because the monarch was very concerned about his people. France had been struck by famine over and over again and he had to do something about. Parmentier was given an uncultivated land near Paris and in 1787 he had his first young plants of potatoes planted and got laughed at by some people.

However, Mr. Parmentier was a cheerful guy and he liked to have fun. He put a potato flower in his lapel and wore it like that all the time. The Queen decided not only to imitate him but also to decorate one of her hats with it.

After the harvest, this new vegetable was served at the king’s table and since the courtiers wanted to stay on the good side with their monarch and their queen, they gave this novelty a try. In spite of their initial reluctance, they enjoyed the meal very much.


This is not the end of our story. Since Parmentier was very sure about his new product, he had his field guarded by the policemen. It almost seemed like he was growing diamonds. It didn’t take long and the expected happened – his field became interesting to robbers and they tried their best to steal the plants from him.

That’s how the common men discovered this amazing new vegetable and started eating it on daily basis.

Rumour has it that the very first fries came into being
during the revolution in Paris, under the Pont Neuf.
Belgians, of course, deny this story completely
as they are big fries lovers.