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Parmetine developed this special kind of potatoes to meet the expectations of our modern age. We don’t want our customers to spend their precious time on cooking. We want them to have a delicious meal easily and quickly. This is the answer.

Parmentine’s Grill

Special Barbecue and Oven
parmentine's grill

Large, gourmet potatoes in aluminium containers which can be placed directly under the grill or on the barbecue.

Tasty sauces which can be enjoyed hot or cold : Béarnaise, mediterranean vegetables, Coconut Curry

Special variety for microwaves

Availaible in 500 gr, 750 gr et 1 kg

This special variety will always keep its nutritional value and amazing taste. Try steaming it in your microwave without having to worry about any additional fat. This all is possible thanks to its special packing. This new range will suit your every day taste. Prepare a delicious meal for yourself or your family in no time at all.