tout droit sortis de terre

You can enjoy potatoes from this range
with your friends and family every day.

Meals like raclettes and tartiflettes

Soft & tasty

Find yourself in a whole new world during your holidays. Try melting a small piece of cheese on the soft pulp of our potatoes.

This meal looks good and tastes even better! Enjoy an unforgettable evening with this simple dish.

Steaming and gratin

Texture & Taste

It‘s ideal for slow cooking and simmering.

You don’t have to worry about overcooking it. This type always keeps its texture whether you use an oven or a steamer.

French fries and mashed potatoes

Quick & Practical

Savor our potatoes in every possible way. It will make your mouth water when you’ll see butter melting all over it. Frying it is quick and easy, you can prepare your dinner while the others are setting the table. It is always at your disposal, always ready to help you create the perfect meal.

Soups and baking

Simple, soft & tasty

You will fall in love with its delicate taste and soft texture. It withstands high temperatures without losing its consistency.
Enjoy it with a bit of melted butter, a spoonful of soured cream or a pinch of salt. Simple and elegant. Its pure taste is the proof. Discover the authentic taste of timeless cuisine with the ingredient that will enrich your meal.


tasty & easy

Discover our salad potatoes that will go perfectly with any kind of vegetable.

Whether you choose to eat it hot or cold it will always meet your expectations.

With sauerkraut or beef stew

Soft pulp & tasty

This special type of Parmentine potatoes is easy to cook and you can really appreciate its taste with sauerkraut or beef stew. These potatoes with soft pulp absorb the flavour and smell of meat or vegetables, with which it‘s roasted, completely. It‘s the perfect side dish for all family and friends gatherings.

New potatoes

Soft, Fresh & Delicate

New potatoes Parmentine are soft, fresh and delicate.

It will meet all of your expectations. Their inimitable taste is close to perfection. It will remind you of spring whenever you eat it.