tout droit sortis de terre

Find the perfect variety for your typical Sunday lunch, special ocassions and exotic meals.

The bikini

bikini potatoes

An early variety with recognizable, red tubers.

Floury flesh with a great, high-quality taste. With its dry texture, it is ideal for crisps and mashes and can also be used for soups and chips.

The Blue Star

Sweet flavour
blue star potatoes

Mid-early variety with oblong tubers and purple skin and flesh.

Sweet flavour, with a hint of nutmeg. Makes great, tasty and original crisps. Oven-baked, it keeps its creamy texture inside and crunch on the outside.

The Annabelle

Firm pulp & Character

This variety will surprise you with its beautiful yellow colour, firm pulp and long, oval shape.

It will never turn black after cooking. Annabelle is a lady with a strong character.

The Chérie

Extra firm pulp & delicate flavour

This beauty was registered in the variety catalogue in 1997 by cooperative farm Germicopa.

Chérie has a red skin and exquisite yellow pulp. It’s perfect for steaming thanks to its extra firm pulp. It’s the best for meals like raclette and tartiflette but also for salads since it has such a delicate taste.

The Grenaille

Freshness & Tasty

The secret of this special variety lies in a different growing procedure, early plating and harvesting but most importantly in the special care that this lady needs.

It has all the qualities of new potatoes – freshness and amazing taste. This is the variety for a perfect summer day.

The Ratte

Small & original
ratte potatoes

Enjoy this variety during your festive events. Melt a small piece of cheese on its soft pulp and surprise your loved ones with this delicious treat.

It looks good and tastes even better !

The Violettes

Rare & Traditional

Also known as « Negress » or « Chinese truffle ». This beautiful lady dresses always in a violet coat. This rare variety grows only on few farms in France.

It’s probably the most entertaining variety of them all since her bluish flesh doesn’t change its color even when it‘s cooked. It tastes the best in salads and mash.


Exceptional taste

An early variety with elongated oval tubers and fine skin.

Fine texture and exceptional taste. It adapts well to different dishes and cooking methods (crunchy, in salads, boiled with the skin on). Can be used perfectly as salad potatoes.